Block Basements: Part Six

In part five we got the block foundation walls cleaned, covered in a waterproof coating and reset the drainage tiles, then installed a bed of washed stone. The stone acts as the clear base for the soil that will back fill against the house. Properly draining soil is the last step and can consume a large portion of the actual budget if it has to be removed and replaced.

Block Basements: Part Five

Last week we listed off the procedures that are needed to properly prepare a site for excavation around a block basement, in previous weeks we discussed waterproofing methods and reasons why block basements are known for water issues.

Block Basements: Part Four

backhoe digging up leaking basement foundation.

This week we look at what should happen when it comes time to dig up a basement and correct the problem. Actually, we are going to look at how a reputable contractor should begin. Over the years I have had numerous conversations with responsible foundation contractors and every conversation contains the comment