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A home is the largest single investment most Canadians make in a lifetime.  Should you not have professional, unbiased advice on what you are trying to maintain or buy?

We think so!

Who are the CAC Group?

Cam Allen & Paul Zammit bring over 70 years of direct, hands on building experience to the table, ensuring you are getting the best possible advise on addressing any issues, either within your home, building or buying a home.

Together, they have done hundreds of building assessments guiding clients away from the “Money Pit” home; helping them understand the process of building a home or simply advising the homeowner on the issues within their home. More importantly, how to help our clients maintain and protect this asset.

Paul and Cam additionally have a portfolio of Master Trades in every home building discipline, engineers and building envelope specialists to draw into the group, as needed, to provide the most accurate, current evaluation.

Their unbiased, plain English approach has been welcomed by hundreds of clients in the past.  If you want the truth, you will get it from us!!

Our Professional Team.

Cam Allen

Managing Partner

Paul Zammit


Cam Allen has been in the home building, heritage renovation business for over 40 years.  Included at that time he operated a building inspection company.  He took a brief sabbatical from 2021-22 to try early retirement.  However, repeated requests from clients and trades brought him back to the building investigation and consulting business.

He holds every major building inspection certification in North America:

  • Province of Ontario Masters License in Industrial Woodworking
  • RPI Diploma in Interior Design
  • ARXX Certified in ICF Construction

Paul worked with Cam for years until 2020 when he joined Cam in “Semi-retirement”. Cam is pleased to welcome Paul back. Paul brings over 30 years of “hands on” heritage and residential experience with dozens of successful renovations to his credit. Paul’s specialty is sustainable living homes.

Some of his achievements include:

  • Restored “Canada’s Greenest Restaurant” in Maberly Ontario, an award winning renovation.
  • Restored the “Perth Courier”, a Heritage Designated Commercial Building in Perth Ontario.
  • Senior Field Advisor/Tech for a major International “Passive Haus” window manufacturer


In addition, Cam has many other accomplishments:

  • Ministry of Government & Consumer Services Ontario:  Consultant for Home Inspection Act Integration 2016-2020
  • Construction Manager/Builder:  First “GreenHouse Certified” Seniors Townhouse Complex in Ontario
  • For 20 years he wrote the critically acclaimed weekly column “Ask the Inspector” for the Kingston Whig-Standard
  • For 16 years he wrote “Green-Tech-the series” weekly column based upon green building and sustainable living
  • Past Member of the Canadian and USA Green Building Council
  • Recognized for Heritage Assessment by numerous Heritage Foundations in Ontario
  • Developed and taught the “Heritage Home Inspection Course” that was recognized by NHICC and CAHPI for education credits.
  • Recognized in the Counties of Frontenac, Lanark, Leeds & Grenville and Elgin as a professional witness for heritage and residential building inspection consulting.
  • Has done numerous radio and TV guest interviews over a 30 year period speaking on building systems. sustainable living construction and inspection.
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